Joint Conference on Binaural and Spatial Hearing


    Joint Conference on Binaural And Spatial Hearing (BASH)


    A virtual follow-up to the 2019 meetings of the Binaural Bash (Boston USA), The Binaural Brainstem & Beyond (Oldenburg Germany), and the Macquarie University Binaural Workshop (Sydney Australia)


    Meeting dates: Nov 5-7 2020


    This virtual meeting will consist of presentations from established and junior investigators on binaural and spatial hearing, with a focus on provocative research, puzzling results, and work in progress. The format will include informal live talks, prerecorded talks, and real-time discussions, as well as watch parties and social hours.


    Conference website:


    2020 Organizing Committee:


    Les Bernstein (University of Connecticut)

    Gin Best (Boston University)

    Owen Brimijoin (Facebook Reality Labs)

    Mathias Dietz (University of Oldenburg)

    Erick Gallun (Oregon Health & Science University)

    Antje Ihlefeld (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

    Torben Pastore (Arizona State University)

    Chris Stecker (Boys Town National Research Hospital)