2nd Joint Conference on Binaural and Spatial Hearing


    2nd Joint Conference on Binaural And Spatial Hearing (BASH)


    Meeting dates: 7-8 October 2021

    We are pleased to announce that the Joint Conference on Binaural And Spatial Hearing (BASH) will take place again in 2021. This meeting took place virtually in 2020, and brought together three meetings from across the globe: the Binaural Bash (Boston USA), The Binaural Brainstem & Beyond (Oldenburg Germany), and the Macquarie University Binaural Workshop (Sydney Australia). 

    Given the positive feedback we received in 2020, we will follow a similar format this year. The meeting will consist of informal presentations (both live and pre-recorded) on binaural and spatial hearing followed by real-time discussions. A flexible schedule will be created, based on the submissions received, to accommodate different time zones. We will also be encouraging in-person “watch parties” in covid-free binaural hubs.    

    We will be welcoming submissions from established and junior investigators interested in presenting provocative research, puzzling results, or work in progress to a broad international audience. Stay tuned for further details.

    Conference website: http://binaural.and.spatialhearing.org

    The Organizing Committee:
    Chris Stecker, Erick Gallun, Mathias Dietz, Gin Best
    Torben Pastor,Jonas Braasch, Antje Ihlefeld, Owen Brimijoin
    Les Bernstein, David McAlpine, Jason Mikiel-Hunter, Robert Luke
    Alan Kan, Steve Colburn, Ex Officio